Two Ships is out on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.  A lot of people shop that way nowadays.  If you still like to go to a book store, like I do, a few local stores are now carrying it on their shelves.

In Mt. Vernon – Paragraphs Bookstore (signed copies)

In Cincinnati – The Bookshelf

In Newark – Kicks Mix Bookstore

In Chicago – Cloud and Bunny (signed copies)

In Bexley – Gramercy Books

I love old style, independent bookstores.  Where you walk around and the shelves have a rare treat sitting on them.  Usually there is a cozy chair or two in the corner with a knitted blanket.  If you pick up a book and sit down to browse through it, a cat will appear from between the shelves.  It will study you for a few minutes and then walk up for a pet.

These types of bookstores still survive in the right markets.  The store owners and employees are hardworking people that have the business savvy to find a way to make it work, despite the incredible competitive pressure of internet behemoths.  Talk about risk and reward.  They take it on everyday.

If you want to experience a happy half an hour or so, take a walk through their aisles.  Find an interesting book and leaf through it.  Your brain will be turned on, and your blood pressure will lower.  You might just find something to love.