In football, at least in the NFL, the forward progress rule goes something like this;

The point on the field where the forward momentum of a player who is in possession of the football is stopped by a defender or by going out of bounds. A player is awarded the most forward spot the runner reached when the ball is declared dead even if he is pushed backward.

You smash into the scrum and get hit. You keep falling forward. Keep progressing. Keep momentum on your side. This is how writing a novel works, too. A little more each day, each time you sit down to write.

Right now, writing momentum is building for One House, the sequel to Two Ships. The more I write it, the better I feel about it, because there is a lot of feel in the process. It has to read well, sound well, and invoke the feelings that you intend.

In the beginning, its ¬†this…

But If you keep churning, and falling forward…It starts to look like this…


The ship is still at sea. But the wind has picked up, and the sails are starting to fill.

Two items have come up that add to the momentum.

First, I got at super positive book review today from Mark Graham. Mark

writes for Book Room Reviews. You can read it at…

Second, I have been working with an audio book producer to produce Two Ships as an

audio book! We have selected a talented actor for narration, and some of you may have even

seen her on stage or screen. More to come in the near future.

Keep falling forward on your projects. Let the momentum work for you.


J Redwood