When I have told people that I was writing a novel a frequent response was something along the lines of – I just don’t know how people can be that creative?  Or, oh, I could never imagine such a thing!  Or, more directly, how do you do that – just write a novel?

It’s true that it takes a powerful use of imagination to create any work of art.  Painting, drawing, film, theatre, music, dance, and any other medium require the same part of the brain to work.  It also seems that to do this well, it requires effort and dedication to developing form and skill.  All of this is a given.  

But my years as a teacher taught me that all people have powerful creative skills, in some form or another, and in one medium or another. 

In fact, we all create everyday, when we wake up in the morning, and get ready for what lies before us.  When we brush our hair and teeth, or put on makeup, or choose our clothes, we create a presentation for the world to see.  The phone you use, the coffee cup you drink out of, the car you drive, the house you live in, these can all be creative choices designed to complete the presentation of yourself to the world.  

When we were children, ideally, adults did this for us.  They also modeled the choices that were socially acceptable in the place they lived.  As we grow, we take this over for ourselves, and we create our own presentation.  

Tabula Rosa, the blank slate, is where we all begin this process.  Be it an empty screen, a silent instrument, or a blank canvas, we seek an idea that sparks, so the page can begin to be filled.  This can be the hardest part.  

But eventually, an image forms of what could be.  Where there was once nothing…now there is something.

At first, it is just a thought.  Whispy, elusive, and cloudy, but somehow it keeps coming back.  Eventually, it cannot be ignored.  And it evolves into a grand, schematic idea.

It is staggering in your mind’s eye.  

But, as always, problems occur along the way.  Ropes get tangled, knots have to be undone.

Until, finally, they work, and the tension in the lines is held in a proper and useful way.

Eventually, after time, energy, and effort are put forth, your idea becomes real.  

And so, where there was once nothing, now there is something.  

It turns out, this is the very best part.  

So, without further ado, here is my something.