Dark Corners

The dark always triggers a fear in people. Looking away from the campfire into the darkness of the forest leads the mind to wander, and to wonder what is out there watching you. A dark hallway in a strange building, or even a dark corner of a room in your own dwelling, brings a pause. I have wandered into one of those dark places, as a writer, and I'm just starting to find my way out. It turns out that effort is only part of the answer. You can try, and try, and try again, and sometimes it just stays [...]

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On Momentum

In football, at least in the NFL, the forward progress rule goes something like this; The point on the field where the forward momentum of a player who is in possession of the football is stopped by a defender or by going out of bounds. A player is awarded the most forward spot the runner reached when the ball is declared dead even if he is pushed backward. You smash into the scrum and get hit. You keep falling forward. Keep progressing. Keep momentum on your side. This is how writing a novel works, too. A little more each day, [...]

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Books and The Arts and The Unexpected

A copy of Two Ships has been lucky enough to be placed in the Westerball 2022 silent auction! Presented by: The Arts Council of Westerville Date: February 26, 2022 Time: 6:30 to 10:30 pm Location:  The Point at Otterbein, 60 Collegeview Road, Westerville, OH 43081 This program raises money for local arts and music programming. Go to www.artscouncilofwesterville.com for more information. If you can't make it in person, you can bid on line for auction items.   Also, if you want to see great work by great artists, see these two: David Myers - see his work at www.davidmyersart.com David [...]

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Shop Local

Two Ships is out on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.  A lot of people shop that way nowadays.  If you still like to go to a book store, like I do, a few local stores are now carrying it on their shelves. In Mt. Vernon - Paragraphs Bookstore (signed copies) In Cincinnati - The Bookshelf In Newark - Kicks Mix Bookstore In Chicago - Cloud and Bunny (signed copies) In Bexley - Gramercy Books I love old style, independent bookstores.  Where you walk around and the shelves have a rare treat sitting on them.  Usually there is a cozy [...]

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Chicago Winter

I went to Chicago the other day to see my daughter perform in a musical.  Her first as a professional actor, which was pretty cool. It was already winter there.  Flakes of snow spit from gray clouds and mildly accumulated on the sidewalks, roofs, and car handles of the city.  Trees planted in sidewalk squares were sparsely leafed and slowly being covered over in white. We were able to walk around a bit in the city and explore the concrete forest.  Found a cool breakfast place and quaint pub for the evening.  People we met and talked to in the [...]

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Risk and Reward

Welcome to my blog! I have been thinking about how someone might react when given an unprecedented opportunity that came with extreme risk.  What would you choose? The security of the known or the risk of the unknown?  I researched the question.   It turns out that it happens every year.  From the space program to the bronze age, there are stories everywhere of people who took their shot at greatness.   One example really stuck in my thoughts.  In 1710, in Paris, an edict was passed, essentially telling people that if they left for the new world to seek their fortune, [...]

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